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Three most popular current metal coating methods in the industry Empty Three most popular current metal coating methods in the industry

Fri Mar 04, 2022 12:29 pm
Metal coating is one of the most widely used surface treatments today, in many different industries. So what forms of spray coating are available? Which is the right choice for your project? Let's find out in the following article.
What are the forms of metal coating? What are the characteristics of each form?

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Metal coatings are applied to protect the surface from corrosion and increase the life of the material. Metallic thermal spray paint is applied in many different industrial fields. Because of that, the forms of spray coating are also more and more diverse. There are three types of metallization:

Aluminum metal spraying
Aluminum coating is a technology used to promote the formation of an oxide layer to protect the surface of the metal. Thermal spraying of aluminum is accomplished by immersing the aluminum component in a bath filled with an electrolyte solution along with a cathode (usually aluminum or lead). An electric current is passed through the aluminum, causing it to oxidize and form a protective barrier. Aluminum sprayed surfaces can easily be cleaned periodically using mild detergents.

Galvanized metal coating
Galvanizing spray creates a layer of zinc carbonate that has the ability to protect the surface of the material. The zinc oxide coating is highly stable and adheres tightly to metal substrates. As a result, this spray coating is very durable and does not come off easily. Since then, the protection ability of the metallization coating is improved, with good resistance to corrosive agents.

Electroplating metal spraying
Electroplating spray coating is capable of depositing a thin layer of one metal on the surface of another metal. During electroplating, both metals are placed in an electrolyte solution. The coated metal acts as the anode, while the coated metal acts as the cathode. An electric current is passed causing metal ions to migrate from the cathode to the anode, thereby forming a protective metal coating. Electroplating can help increase corrosion resistance and reinforce some of the metal's mechanical properties.

To sum up, in today's industrial market, there are 3 most popular types of metal coating, which are: Aluminum spraying, galvanized metallization and electroplating spray. Each form of metal spraying has its own advantages and disadvantages; You should consult carefully to find the most suitable plan for your project. For more information on spray coatings, you can refer to our other articles.
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