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Why should wind turbine blade repair be taken periodically? Empty Why should wind turbine blade repair be taken periodically?

Thu Jun 02, 2022 2:43 pm
tThe need for maintenance and wind turbines blade repair is increasing in recent years because the wind power industry has been developing strongly. This is very necessary work to improve the quality and prolong the life of the fan blades. But have you ever questioned why we should take it regularly?
If the fan blade repair is not taken periodically, what risks may occur?
There are many factors that can affect the blade quality and leads to blade repair requirement. All you need to do is check, maintain and repair the blower blades regularly to prolong the life of this tool. Wind turbines are most often damaged by environmental hazards. Storms, high winds, thunder, hail... are all factors that can damage wind turbines. In addition, some environments with a lot of dirt can also wear out the blade. Meanwhile, offshore wind turbines are susceptible to the effects of salt vapor in seawater and large waves. Most turbines are recycled, including the tower, rotor shaft, gearbox, generator, and shaft. While the propellers cannot be recycled and the disposal of damaged propellers is becoming a dilemma.
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Why should wind turbine blade repair be taken periodically? 0411CT%20WindBlade_sidebar2_2

Blade repair is not a simple issue for wind farm managers. Many types of blade damage include delivery mishandling and installation, lightning strikes, thermal cycling, edge erosion, fatigue, moisture intrusion as well as foreign object impact. A broken wind turbine blade can cost you at least 800 dollars a day, and most repairs can take up to three days. If it is required to replace a blade, the cost can fly up to $350,000 a week. An average blade repair can charge you $30,000, not a small count.

To meet the needs of this industry, a number of wind turbine maintenance, inspection and repair services were born in Vietnam. This service will provide support solutions such as climbing approach, BAP approach, periodic inspection and repair of wind turbine blades, wind towers, stands.

Before carrying out the blade repair, the technician team will perform the inspection method by imaging and ultrasound. Professional companies often use drone equipment with advanced technology to examine the most detailed images. This requires technicians with high expertise to achieve IRATA certificates levels I, II, III. The next step in the service of inspection and repair of wind turbines, wind towers, etc. is a series of processes to help propeller blades resist corrosive agents such as weather, the environment... Then they will plan to approach and repair the wind turbine by rope acces services

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For the wind turbine to operate at its best, it is really necessary to check, maintain and repair the blades and other related parts. When the blade repair is carried out carefully and regularly, wind turbines can last for 20-30 years.
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